NH Regional Race

Wednesday, September 04, 2013
Chloe had a Rota*x Regional race in New Hampshire Friday and Saturday. Originally, Matt and Chloe were going to go and Oliver, Emma Claire and I were going to stay behind. But, last minute we decided to all go and managed to get Lizzie and Flash into the vets for boarding.

We left Thursday, much later than planned and didn't get to NH until very late.

Friday was practice day. We brought the double-jog stroller and Oliver, Emma Claire and I logged some miles walking around the track watching the practice sessions.

Chloe had a great weekend of racing. She managed to get the pole for the race but hit the tire wall and came in 2nd overall. She's getting faster and faster and is becoming a challenge to the top-finishers. It was a great weekend of driving for her.

Matt had planned to race as well, but his kart didn't want to cooperate. It's been touch and go with his DD2 and it looks like a motor replacement is in order.

When we weren't at the track, we could be found at the indoor pool at the hotel, which is what it was all about for Oliver.

We were going to stay through Monday, but came home a day early because the weather wasn't cooperating. Instead, we went to OVRP on Monday to practice for the upcoming regional there. Chloe was once again the fastest Micro on the track. We can't wait to see what happens at the all-important regional this upcoming weekend.

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