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Wednesday, February 12, 2014
While Matt and Chloe have been in Florida, Oliver, Emma Claire and I have been at home. Oliver isn't thrilled that Dad and Chloe are in Florida and he's "stuck with Mom and Emma" as he puts it. I've made a conscious effort to let Oliver pick some fun things to do while they are out of town. Of course, he picked my least favorite place on the planet, Chunky Cheese.

I find this place gross. I took the kids once last year, found the food inedible and the place a breeding ground for all sorts of viruses. So, when Oliver suggested we go, I was not thrilled but agreed. Armed with anti-bacterial hand wipes and a gallon of hand sanitizer we headed out to the local Chunky Cheese about 20 minutes away.

I was surprised. It wasn't bad, it wasn't good either. It was tolerable and the pizza was actually edible. Apparently all Chunky Cheese's are not alike. The one we went to last year was in NJ and this one was in NY. The NY establishment had it together. The place was clean, tables were cleared off and they even had people to assist and find you a table. Night and day.

We ended up staying for three hours. Oliver had a blast. I spent way too much money trying to get the kid enough tickets to buy something other than Fun Dip and Emma Claire even got in on the action by riding on some of the toddler rides.

The point was, Oliver had a good time and forgot he was in cold NY and not sunny Florida.

This is the way Oliver "drove" this game. Odd form, I know.

Emma Claire chillin' on the Barney train ride.

One of Oliver's favorites. I have to warn people not to play the skee ball machines on either side of him. He's a bit of a wild man with his throwing arm.

Brother and sister playing together.

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