Soccer & Karate

Thursday, February 13, 2014
Each Sunday Oliver has a soccer class. He loves it. The coach really engages the kids and Oliver is having a blast. It's his favorite activity. It makes me look forward to spring soccer. We switched Oliver's team as three of his pals in pre-school play for another team/soccer group. I hope Oliver keeps loving soccer and won't get too distracted being on the team with his favorite friends.

Oliver at soccer camp.

We also signed Oliver up for karate. His first class was this week. He looked so cute in his Gi. I was worried the first 5 minutes of class when the instructor started with having the kids do push-ups and mountain climbers and Oliver was standing there like,  "Say What?!". I instantly went into former teacher/classroom teacher evaluator mode and knocked on the window to tell the teacher/sensei,  "He's four, he doesn't know what those exercises are. You have to show him".

His class is supposed to be for 4-6 year olds. Those are some big six year olds.

As I sat there questioning the level of instruction at the school and "Googling" the nearest Kung Fu school (unfortunately it's over an hour away) my fears were calmed as a second instructor came in and the kids got more individualized and personalized attention and better explanations of what to do. Oliver did really well listening and you could see that he was beaming with pride that he was getting to do this "big boy" activity.

Before we had gone to class, he told me he didn't want to break a block of wood on his first class. I told him, they wouldn't make him do that on his first day. Color me surprised when towards the end of the class they pulled out the practice blocks. Oliver gave it his best shot (hey, it's only the first class) and he's adorable doing it.

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