Winter Tour & Race Season Planning

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Chloe is racing this winter in the FWT which is a very competitive race series that draws racers from all over the Americas and even farther afield. She and Matt have been traveling to Florida to practice on the track in preparation for the fierce competition.
Chloe, with Chris, her tuner and driving coach, at Orlando last week.

She has missed some school, though it has worked out that their winter break coincides with this week's race. Chloe's teacher is very supportive and thinks it is awesome that Chloe races karts. I also think it helps that Chloe is a good student. Her lowest test grade this year has been a 97.

Oliver, Emma Claire and I have stayed at home. We do plan on going to Florida for the race in Orlando and making a visit to "the mouse" (which will be another post(s) because I seriously have never had a desire to visit and am trying to psych myself into it for my children).

We are hoping Chloe gets some good race experience at the FWT and enjoys the competition. This race season will have us traveling farther away from home as the plan as it stand right now will have Chloe racing in mostly regional and national events and less in the club race series.

Matt and I are still working out the schedule for Chloe's race season. We are waiting to see her reaction to the FWT and if she REALLY does want to compete in the tougher regional and national-level races. And since karting is really a family event - Oliver loves to go to the track as much as Chloe (though he doesn't want to get in a kart yet), we are making other plans so that we can all travel to these races together. Considering we are a family of five, have two dogs and that we also have to get Chloe's karts and karting gear to the regional and national races, we've began looking at Class A diesel pusher motor homes. We already have a travel trailer with a garage, but it isn't very comfortable loading the karts in the garage and loading everyone in the car and towing the trailer. We did this last spring when we went to Pittsburgh and it wasn't enjoyable. It was a lot of packing and unpacking and rearranging. And cramped. We feel a diesel pusher will give us the most comfort and towing capacity. We could use it to camp at a lake and tow the boat (something we can't do with the travel trailer without taking two vehicles-one to tow the trailer and one to tow the boat). So, we've spent many weekends looking at RV's and narrowing down our choices to find the floor plan that will work for our family. After this weekend's FWT race, we will determine if we will take the plunge and move up to the diesel pusher. It's no secret that I love a road trip, so the idea of having a motor home is the ultimate road trippers dream! The kids seem excited about it too, but we will see if it lasts when they realize that they will be in an RV from NY to Utah this summer and we won't be stopping at the golden arches because we have a refrigerator and can make food on the go.

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