School's Out!

Monday, June 30, 2014
Finally! School is out for the summer. Chloe's last day was June 26. Yes, school gets out here one week before Independence Day. I will never be able to wrap my head around that as I am programmed that school gets out around Memorial Day.

It's all the kids, all of the time now.

It took me exactly one day of all three kids at home to write up a daily schedule, including a chore chart.

So far we've lounged around and played in the blow-up pool I purchased to entertain the kids. There are no swim clubs/town pools in our area so this is the next best thing. Some people have asked why we don't put in an in-ground pool since we have all this space and the answer is simple -- This isn't Texas and our pool water doesn't naturally heat up from summer warmth. Pools in this area are COLD unless you heat them. It costs a lot of money for something that you can use for basically 2-3 months out of the year (less for us since we are kart racing most of the summer). People who have pools here have said that you MUST heat them to swim in them and you will choke the first time you get that electric bill for heating the pool. One person told me it was their "biggest regret and waste of money ever". So, I splurged and bought this little number. For $40, its served its purpose. I also purchased a smaller pool for Emma Claire and a water sprayer for the older two to run through. So far, so good.

Emma Claire even got into the pool. Yes, she has swim suits but she usually never gets into the pool (she doesn't like baths) but for some reason she wanted into the baby pool on this day and decided to climb right clothes, shoes and all, prompting us to strip her of her clothes and let her splash in her diaper.

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