Oh, Canada

Thursday, September 25, 2014
We made our 2nd trip this year to race in Canada. I'm hoping the phrase, "The third time is the charm" will work out for us and Chloe when it comes to racing in Canada.
We had high hopes for this last Canadian regional race. Chloe would race with the Micro Canadian National Champion and would be coached by a four-time world champion kart racer. Unfortunately, things didn't turn out as we planned. The kart competition is fierce in Canada at the micro class and Chloe needs some more race experience with other karters of that caliber. It was a learning experience for her but also a disappointing one too.
A mistake in qualifying on Saturday became too large a hurdle to recover from and torrential rains and another mis-judgment caused her to go off during Sunday's race despite qualifying 4th. Chloe made it back on to the track and raced hard but it wasn't enough for the podium finish we had all thought would be hers.
It was good race experience and there is always next year.

Emma Claire in the bus. It was COLD Thursday and Friday in Canada so Oliver, Emma Claire, the dogs and I spent most of our time in the bus.

Oliver doing his homework since he missed two days of school.

A shot of the KMS Race team tent next to the track. Chloe ran with the KMS group at this race.

On the grid.

Lots of rain on track for Sunday's final.

In the KMS tent working on the kart.

Oliver didn't mind the rain.

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