Race Mom

Monday, September 29, 2014
With Matt in India on business, I was overseeing Chloe's club race. I had my mom to help watch Oliver and Emma Claire and also had the wrenching services of our friend and fellow race parent, George.
Chloe had some issues with her kart set-up and George tried to accommodate her as best as he could. We had Matt on Facetime a lot to also help walk us through it.
Chloe qualified on pole for the pre-final but made an aggressive move after falling to 2nd at the start and her chain came off sending her to the back of the grid for the final. She drove great in the final but our bad luck as of late proved that it hadn't left. She made a clean pass on another karter and was clearing them when they turned into her and pushed her off-track and once again to the back of the pack. It was really infuriating as it cost Chloe a spot on the podium.
In true Chloe form, she raced back from the back but didn't have enough laps remaining. She finished 4th.
I was really proud of how she raced and that she didn't give up. She was tied in the club championship for the lead, but after that race she sits in 2nd.
Driver's meeting before the racing begins.

A Mom and daughter selfie before qualifying.

On track.

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