Monday, September 08, 2014
It was an important regional race weekend. Chloe raced well. Great competition and the kids had fun playing with their track pals.

Chloe came 2nd on Saturday and won on Sunday.
Chloe showing off her new suit and 1st place trophy.

This weekend puts her in a tie for the lead in the Northeast Rotax. 

Oliver had lots of fun playing. I discovered him riding his friends bike (yes, without a helmet which is a no-no) but without training wheels. I asked Oliver how he learned to ride the bike so well. He replied, "I don't know, I just taught myself". He didn't get why we were all so impressed. It was no big deal to him.
Oliver riding on two wheels--self-taught!

And Miss Emma Claire had fun too.
Emma Claire looking stylish in my sunglasses.

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