Back to School Shopping

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
The family has cleared out, summer is coming to a close and its time to start thinking about returning to school. Chloe starts school next Tuesday and we decided that Oliver needs some socialization with other two-year-olds and he will start a two-day a week program on Friday of next week.

I once loved shopping for clothes with Chloe, but I've admitted before and will again, its not fun---what I would like Chloe to wear and what Chloe wants to wear are polar opposites. Chloe doesn't like dresses, except on the first day of school and Sundays. She likes high top basketball shoes as her everyday shoe and either jeans or elastic-band shorts. Tights and leggings are a NO-NO. Its her style. That's fine, I just miss my toddler who wore whatever I put on her without protest.

With that said, we had to take inventory and see what Chloe needed for the school year. That meant going through her over-stuffed drawers and her closet full of clothes. Deanna was still in town and she helped me go through Chloe's drawers and remove clothing that didn't fit or that Chloe just wouldn't ever wear---yeah, she had a LOT of that. Chloe will tell you she likes something just so you will buy her something and then she NEVER wears it. Examples would be skirts and sundresses. So, we made her help us which really seemed to bore her--ha! ha! Deanna also had to hold a plaid intervention with Chloe. Did I mention Chloe likes plaid? Really, really likes plaid.

Rejected clothing to be donated--either it was too small or Chloe admitted she would never ever wear it.

Chloe's favorite drawer. This is her "go-to" drawer. Soccer shorts and ratty t-shirts she got from a sports camp or that she tie-dyed at summer camp. She believes that  these clothes are appropriate for every kind of occasion. When we pack for vacation or trips, I let her take one outfit from this drawer. Guess what she ends up wearing the entire week of vacation? The one outfit from this drawer!!! I've tried to tell her that they aren't appropriate attire for every event in life and so has BeBe but I think when Aunt Deanna explained this to her it seemed to have more value. She explained that these are weekend/play clothes. I HOPE IT WORKED.

Chloe's favorite outfit. Guess what she's wearing today? This outfit doesn't even cool off from the dryer and she's putting it on her body. She once attempted to wear it to a friend's birthday party---it was a fancy-dress tea party at a historic mansion. And she thought it was suitable.

We set out for the mall and I was sure that would find just what we needed at our first stop---a high-end discount chain unique to the NYC metro area. She liked nothing they had on offer. Not even in the shoe department. I did manage to get Oliver all of his fall apparel including two pairs of shoes at this department store. One kid down, one to go. 

The additions to Oliver's fall wardrobe.
 Of course, when Deanna said she wanted to go to the Ni*ke store Chloe perked up at the idea of purchasing all her school apparel there. I don't think so. Deanna took the little man while Chloe and I stopped in another store. This store seems to be more Chloe's style lately and she began picking out some items. We got all we needed, minus the shoes. The shoes we purchased this morning, right when the children's shoe store in our town openend. I get the majority of Chloe's shoes there. The owner is just so nice and he lets Oliver run like a banshee and play while we fit Chloe's narrow foot. He knows her foot and what shoes will work and what doesn't. He also knows she doesn't like flowers and pink, so he never tries to go there. Its easy and we're all happy in the end.

Chloe's stylings. Two pairs of cords, a pair of jeans, a sweater, a dress and leggings (gasp!), a jean jacket, two knit shirts (one has a logo character on it which I usually oppose but it was on clearance for $2.99 and she begged and I'm a sucker) and yes, that would be a plaid shirt you see. Whatever.

I did have to set some ground rules (i.e. NO HIGH TOP ATHLETIC SHOES) with Chloe and explain that we were looking for an everyday shoe that would look good with jeans and the majority of her outfits and that she could wear on the playground and most school activities---I thought Mary Jane but she thought this--

Fine. At least I know she will wear it. I still tried to push a Mary Jane, a nicer shoe for nicer outfits but she wasn't biting. Her solution was this:
I know, I know, I'm a sucka. Yes, she got it and yes, I thought it was too stinkin' cute on her foot to say no.  
And then, she asked for these...
She liked the heel and she wants to wear them to church and to school recitals. YES!!!! Now, if I could only convince her that they don't look good with this outfit, which she has currently paired them with and has worn the remainder of the day.

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