An Earthquake and a Hurricane in a Week

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Tuesday, August 23rd, while we were touring Vermont, there was an earthquake. We didn't feel anything but Matt did in his office in mid-town Manhattan. He said the building shook enough to make you take notice and to unnerve some.

As our week of vacation progressed, we became more aware of Irene's intended path and that it was heading straight for NYC and our home. We were due to check-out of the rental house on Saturday morning and we scrambled to pack, clean the house and get out of dodge before the heavy rains came. There was also word that the bridges crossing the Hudson River would be closed if the winds picked up. We didn't want to be stuck in NY in our car with a boat in tow. I had also been alerted by some friends back home that the grocery stores were picked clean in our town so Mom & I stopped and did a quick grocery store shop in New Hampshire.

We made it back home just as the rain started and managed to secure the patio furniture, boat and potted plants. We stayed tuned to the weather channels. Through the late evening into the next morning it poured rain. The winds didn't come until the rain ended and it toppled trees that were soaked and couldn't stay in the ground. Power lines were taken out and the rivers, brooks and streams flooded and poured into homes and streets.

We managed to escape unscathed. We didn't lose power, though many of our neighbors did, and we only lost minor branches on our trees. However, there was plenty of carnage all around.

On Sunday, there was sun for a little while in the afternoon before the winds came and everyone ventured out to access the damage. We went for a walk to see for ourselves and these are the photos from our excursion.

This is a street and a parking lot near the brook in our village.

Flooding on a street that ends at the brook.

More flooding. The house that sits to the left of this photo just went up for sale two days after this photo--coincidence?

Blocked streets due to flooding.

Downed trees that pulled up the sidewalk.

More downed trees.

Flooding and a car that attempted to drive through the flooding but didn't make it.

Lots of downed trees.

The high school football field.

Flooding in the 1st floor of this apartment building.

Things are slowly returning back to normal. The downed trees and branches still sit piled along the roadways and many are still without power but the water has receded and all streets are back open in our village.

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