Chloe's Photos

Thursday, August 11, 2011
Chloe really enjoyed hanging out with Grandad at the racetrack and taking photos with my Nikon. She took some 500 shots at the racetrack. She took a LOT of the cars on the track but she couldn't see over the protective fencing placed around the course, so I won't bore you with photos of chain link. I posted some photos she took in the previous post and I'm posting some of the best she took at the track below.

Daddy's car #'s (yes, they're pink, they can be seen easily. That's all I'm saying about that.).

The engine of Matt's 944 Turbo. I think this was prior to it blowing up.

A shot of Grandad taking a shot of Matt pulling away.

A photo of Grandad taking a photo of the cars racing.

Matt sitting on his track car.

The "back shot" of me and Marie watching the cars on track.

The crest on Matt's car.

The Turbo's roll bar.

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