Lake Sunapee

Monday, August 29, 2011

A view from our boat---one of the lighthouses on Lake Sunapee (they warn boaters at night of rock croppings) and Mt. Sunapee in the background.

A week at the nice. My parents, sister and brother-in-law all flew out and we drove from NJ to New Hampshire's Lake Sunapee. After some foul weather delayed my sister and brother-in-law in Chicago we all managed to make it in town and head out on Saturday, August 20. We rented a lake house in a quiet cove on the lake. It was private and a great spot.

A view of the deck of the rental house down to the lake.

The weather was in the 70s and it was a nice break from the 100+ temperatures my parent's were experiencing in Dallas. We brought the boat and quickly learned that Lake Sunapee can be a little tricky if you are new to it. Lots of shallow rocks. Moral of the story, stay away from the black and red poles in the lake!

Our boat moored off the dock.

We kept the boat moored off the dock of the house. The dock was lovely and we spent lots of the week there.
Matt & Chloe kayaking in the cove.
Flash relaxing after a swim in the lake on the dock.

Oliver looking at the water through the wood slats on the dock.

Deanna in her inflatable kayak.

Chloe ready to go on the boat.

Flash taking a swim.

Chloe fishing with Uncle John. They did a lot of fishing from the dock.

Chloe striking a pose on the rocks, which were part of the dock.

Shakey, Deanna and John's dog, preparing to go on the boat.
Deanna and I in the inflatable kayaks after we moored the boat. It was chilly and I didn't want to swim back to the dock. Some members of the family were hoping for a splash!
We also spent time on the lake in the boat:

BeBe & Chloe.

Matt at the helm.

Chloe, holding Shakey, and Uncle John.
 And we had some fun on the lake too:

Deanna and Chloe tubing.

Chloe and Uncle John tubing and getting fancy with some tricks.

Deanna preparing to knee-board.
 We also did some sight-seeing in the area. We went to Vermont one day and visited the cutest town--Woodstock, VT. We also visited a farm, a maple sugar & cheese maker, and covered bridges.
Shakey and Oliver at the community beach.
Chloe, Shakey, and Uncle John, who is carrying Oliver out of the corn maze at the local farm stand in NH.
Visiting the dairy cows at Billings Farm in Woodstock, VT.

Chloe at the river in Woodstock.

BeBe & Oliver watching a newborn dairy cow.

The restaurant we ate lunch at on our tour of VT. It didn't look like much from the outside but it had great, homemade food.

John, Deanna, Chloe, PaPaw & Matt getting ready to hike Mt. Sunapee.

On the hike.
It was a great vacation, but as luck would have it we had to hurry back to NJ to secure the house for the impending hurricane. There was lots of flooding in the area of Vermont & New Hampshire we were in as a result of the tropical storm. One of the covered bridges we had seen during the week washed away in the flooding.

Mom, Dad, Deanna and John were supposed to fly back on Sunday, August 28, but that didn't happen. Mom & Dad managed to get a flight back to Dallas on Monday and Deanna & John went back to Arizona on Wednesday. Thanks to Irene, their vacation lasted a little longer.

We're making plans for next year's summer vacation with the family--Finger Lakes of NY--watch out!

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