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Friday, January 27, 2012
I did the weekly grocery shopping for the family of my friend that passed away. Many friends and family have pooled together to help her husband with the three children. Making dinners and doing the weekly grocery shopping for staple food items is one. As I shopped from their family's staple items list it made me think about our weekly staples (and how I don't have a weekly shopping list of staples and I probably should). You could see the three kids in their family had food/brand/flavor preferences and opinions and I thought about Chloe & Oliver's food likes/dislikes and what items they would insist would be on their staples list.

You can see from the list below that the kids have a very different palate.
Chloe's staple food items--cheddar rice cakes, rice cakes with nuts, dried seaweed & frozen strawberry fruit bars (not pictured). She will come home from school and eat all three of these! She will usually eat 2 packs of the seaweed. She has to be going through a growth spurt! Today she came home from school and ate a frozen fruit bar, finished off a bag of the cheddar rice cakes, ate a regular nut rice cake and 2 packs of seaweed all within a matter of minutes. She then demanded, "When is dinner? I am starving!".

Oliver's palate is a little less refined. He's going through the "if it's green, I am not touching it" phase, and this from the kid whose favorite food as a baby was Ratatouille. His staple items are--Pi*rate's Booty, GoG*urt, cheese sticks, chewy peppermints (I have to move these daily after he goes to bed to a new hiding place--he's stealth and can sniff them out. He doesn't get one daily, but he makes a good attempt), strawberries,  Milano cookies (not pictured), doughnuts (not picutred and again not an everyday item though it is an everyday request) & chicken nuggets (not pictured). Oliver loved doughnuts and chicken nuggets so much he has combined them into one word, "Chicken doughnuts", which is an everyday lunch time request. And, NO, I have never served him chicken nuggets and doughnuts at the same time.

And our other staple, Nu*tella. Chloe has it on her waffles and an occassional sandwich. Neither kid is a peanut butter fan. They prefer Nutella. Who wouldn't? I know a lot of people freak about Nu*tella and go lecture on how it has so much sugar, etc., etc. One of Chloe's closest pals Mom shared her dislike of Nu*tella with me and how she would never serve it to her kids because "it's expensive junk food". I had to bite my lip because I know that her daughter brings a Ramune soda with her everyday at lunch--expensive and full of high fructose corn syrup and no nutritional content---but keep preaching against Nut*ella sister.

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