Thursday, January 19, 2012
I realized I didn't post of photos from Philadelphia. It turned out it was pretty cold that weekend and Oliver wasn't willing to keep his gloves on which led to lots of temper tantrums because someone was cold. We drove to Philly, saw the Liberty Bell, saw Constitution Hall and then left. On the way home we stopped at the go-kart place for some fun.

There is nothing like two kids fighting in front of a symbol of our nation's freedom.

Outside Constitution Hall.

Matt & Chloe--getting ready to race.

Oliver enjoyed playing on all the video games, especially this motorcycle race.

Of course, he cheated a little at some of the games. He got away with it. He's little & cute.

Chloe playing the motorcycle race game with her brother playing on the iPhone. That's cool.

Chloe on the track.

Matt on the track. Fastest time in the group.

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