Friday, January 13, 2012

I Thought it was Clever

January isn't my favorite month. After New Year's there isn't much else in the month except cold weather, and we haven't had much of that. I never know how to decorate the blank spaces left from the Holidays so I thought I would put out some Valentine's decorations. I saw a pic on Pin*terest of candles with conversation hearts and thought it was cute so I decided I put out the Valentine's decor.

It was festive and cheap. I thought it was cute and clever UNTIL Chloe discovered it was candy and then she clued her little brother in on it too.

I caught them red-handed this afternoon.
And Oliver, well he wasn't even trying to hide that he was eating the candy decorations. He had made himself a little pile!

When I saw this candy pile I said, "Hey! Where did you get that?" He was ever so gracious to show me the container of candy and to grab another handful at the same time. "No more!" I exclaimed, to which Chloe said, "Yea, he probably shouldn't have anymore, he's eaten like a thousand."

Well, it was a clever idea in theory.


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