Power Nap

Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Oliver and I attended Mommy & Me this morning like we do every Wednesday. Except today we left 30 minutes early. Seems we are in the "mine" stage and don't want to share. Oliver also thought he needed to push and kick to make his point. So, we left after time out in the hallway didn't deter the bad attitude. There were tears once we were at the car and he really knew we were leaving. We got home at 10:30 and after a quick snack I put him down for a nap to much protest. And then I went about my chores. Then I watched some HGTV. Then I caught up on some blog reading. I researched day trips for our upcoming vacation to Costa Rica. I played with the dogs in the yard. I wondered how long he was going to sleep.... Four hours later, I heard Oliver stir on the baby monitor. A FOUR hour nap! I went to his room and was greeted with, "Mom! I want to behave now!" Seriously, this child!

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