Another Sick Day

Thursday, May 31, 2012
Oliver has a cold. He didn't eat much of anything yesterday and I couldn't get him to drink much either. He ran a fever last night which apparently wiped him out because he slept from 7 pm last night until 11 am today!! I kept checking on him every 30 minutes so I was happy when I was finally greeted with an awake and smiling Oliver (that was a big change from yesterday when he was so lethargic and kept telling us all he didn't like us and that he was "grouchy").

Oliver fell asleep in the car at school pick-up. I knew he was really sick. The kid rarely sleeps in the car.

Oliver had three specific requests, which I happily obliged-
1. Lemonade with ice in a regular cup (i.e. no sippy cup)
2. Cow yogurt (no idea why he feels the need to specify that it be cow yogurt, but he does)
3. A Nutella sandwich (he did request doughnuts first but he then asked for the sandwich when I told him we don't have doughnuts and the kid has barely eaten in 2 days so I agreed to Nutella)

Here's hoping that this means he's on the mend. He had to miss his last day of pre-school celebration today.

Feeling better after sleeping for 16 hours.

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