Catch Up

Thursday, July 26, 2012
Could it be true?!! Could swimming and diving be coming to an end?!! Two more meets and its complete for the summer.  Chloe was selected to compete in the county championships for diving and is an alternate for the county championships for butterfly and will be competiting in two weeks in an all-county championship for relay with three other girls.

Chloe holding her 1st place ribbon after a diving meet.
Chloe getting ready to swim relay during a swim meet. Her relay team is FAST!

We haven't had any club races, but that didn't stop us from visiting the track. Matt took Oliver on a slow drive in the parking lot (only a few feet) on his kart.

 Matt and I got an evening away to watch Chelsea FC play at Yankee Stadium.

While the flowering plants are starting to die back from the heat and water restrictions...
 the garden is coming into season.

Chloe and I were excited to see that our cantaloupes are growing.
 I put Chloe to work with a small paint brush to "fertilize" the cantaloupe and put on more fruit.
 But we quickly realized we had some helpers....

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