Swim Lessons

Thursday, July 05, 2012
Oliver began swim lessons today. Its a small swim school that meets at the pool of a local hotel. The swim school only allows 2 children per teacher so its perfect for Oliver.
Oliver blowing bubbles.

Waiting patiently to be allowed in the water.

Oliver was so excited but didn't enjoy waiting on the side of the pool to swim. It didn't take long for his swim teacher to surmise that Oliver has NO fear of water.

When Oliver would sit on the side of the pool, he would bounce up and down and shout, "I want to swim!". Lately he has been telling me that he wants to "swim like sissy" which is Oliver speak for he wants to swim in the big pool and as well as Chloe.

Thirty minutes was too short for Oliver. At the end of the class he was upset it was over and he wanted to be able to keep swimming. I hope he continues to love to swim and enjoys lessons.

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