Sunday, July 15, 2012
Chloe raced in micro and kid kart races today. It was hot and the humidity was off the charts. As if the heat wasn't enough to wipe her out, the kids ran more laps than usual in preparation for the Rotax Grand Nationals.

Chloe did well in her first race in a micro. She will only improve with experience.
Chloe (in pink) during the micro race. Chloe managed to pass this racer.

Matt pushing Chloe into the pits at the end of her first micro race.

Chloe had a competitor in the kid karts, a boy she had beaten twice before, but this time he beat her. Looks like there is some competition in kid karts.

Our friends came up with their two sons to watch and have the boys drive. Unfortunately, the skies opened up and rain fell down. The podium awards had to be moved indoors.
Chloe with her 2nd place kid kart trophy.

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