Ten Days into Summer Break

Sunday, July 01, 2012
School has been out for 10 days. We are still trying to get into the groove of summer. We lept right out of school and straight into swim and diving team. Chloe practices for 2 hours every morning and twice a week she has an early morning practice for one hour with her regular swim team. Oliver started a summer camp three days a week at his pre-school. Most weekends have been spent karting and we've managed to squeeze in a little boating too.

Its taken 10 days to feel like I am now managing our summer schedule. For the last few weeks though, things have been hectic. Hopefully, we're in our summer rythym.

The kids spent an afternoon washing Matt's car and escaping the summer heat.

Oliver liked rinsing off the car--even after it had been rinsed and dried already.

Of course, it turned into a water fight.

The kids assisted me in making dinner for an elderly man from church who is recovering from surgery.

Chloe is getting ready to move up kart classes so we went to scope out the competition at a northeast karting event.

Oliver loves to participate in the "diving" competition off the boat now. He's a wild man on the boat and has no fear of water. We had to show him where to jump from (the sides of the boat only) and only when mom or dad is in the water and tells him it is ok. We will probably have to repeat that lesson several more times before it sticks.

Chloe hanging out in the tube.

Oliver hanging out on the boat. He likes to sit on the sundeck like a big person and chill (as much as Oliver can chill). You can see a scrape on his chin from where he was sliding in the kiddie pool on Friday and slid a little too low.

Chloe "chilling" in the boat and having a snack.

The kids hanging out in the tube. Chloe didn't want to tube alone so we used the tube as a lounger.

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