Getting IT Together

Monday, July 09, 2012
Besides drowning in beach towels and swimsuits and other loads of laundry, I managed to get some organization to our summer. 

The menu board--the main purpose is to help me plan out meals for the week. However, since the vinyl menu board has been up, the kids ask me more times than before it was up "what's for dinner?".

The chore charts. I thought these were cute and even Oliver can follow along.

The magnietic chores are very simple and easy to understand.

I could write several blog posts on potty training Oliver. We've resorted to a sticker potty chart. Three stickers (i.e. three potties on the toilet in a day) gets Oliver the iPad to play with. You can see from the photo, which was taken on Tuesday, that its a SLOW start with our headstrong and strong-willed child.

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