First Day of School - 2014

Wednesday, September 03, 2014
We have a 5th grader and a kindergartener in the house!

Oliver is in full-day kindergarten this year. It's a long day for him and he gets to ride a bus. He handled it like a champ.

 Both kids had good first days. I took them for ice cream after school to celebrate and so they could tell me about the day at school.

Chloe is starting the school year with a long-term sub which had me concerned. But, Chloe really liked her sub. who will be with them until December and she has several kids she knows from swimming and her class last year in class. Also, 5th graders get perks. They get to sit on the back of the school bus and on Friday's they can sit anywhere they want in the cafeteria and not as a class.

Oliver had a good day at kindergarten. He was disappointed to find out that they only have water to drink in the classroom and not apple juice (ha!), but otherwise it was a good first day. He had music and they danced. He told me he wants a flute and a drum set. The image of Oliver rocking it on a flute cracks me up. He gets to ride the school bus with his pal who is also our neighbor but I am waiting to hear if that will change. We have to walk behind our neighbors house to the stop and if we have a winter like last year, I'm not cutting through 4 feet of snow to get to the bus stop, especially since another bus stops in front of our house to pick up the children across the street. If Oliver switches the bus, I know he will be upset, but it is more convenient.

Here's to a great school year!

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