Tuesday, September 16, 2014
We got a bigger trailer for the karts a couple of weeks ago. Chloe's kart sponsor decided to spruce it up a bit. We're a real race team now!
Matt cleaning the trailer before we got the decals put on.

The trailer after.

Matt surprised us with addition of each family member's race #'s and a nod to each family member's heritage.
Matt is #15 with a Union Jack for G.B.
Oliver is #56 with the Ethiopian and U.S. flags.
Chloe is #33 with the Chinese and U.S. flags.

Emma Claire found her race #'s - ?? (because she doesn't race yet). You can see my race #'s to the right of Emma Claire along with the Texas and U.S. flags. I'm the team's chief cook and bottle washer so I got a fork, knife and wrench. Pretty clever.

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