And So It Begins...

Monday, April 13, 2015
The race season has begun. Our winter downtime is over and most of our weekends will be spent at a track. While it's both fun and enjoyed, it also takes a lot of prep and attention (and takes attention away from other things, like mowing, weeding the yard, etc.). It's our busiest and most harried time but also the time we enjoy most.

The last two weekends had us at our local club race and then practicing in south Jersey on Chloe's new chassis. The official race season (i.e. the BIG races) don't begin for another couple of weeks.

Emma Claire is having fun at the track, making her own pals.

Chloe came in 3rd for her first time out in the full-size MiniMax chassis.

Dinner out with friends after the race day is over. Always fun.

Practicing in NJ in her MiniMax and MiniRok--both of which is new to her.

And, Oliver and Emma Claire keep themselves busy at the track.

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