Dental Check-Ups

Wednesday, April 01, 2015
April Fools Day was dental check-up time!! Chloe is officially free of retainers. She could opt to do the second stage in her ortho. care, which means one more round of braces because one tooth is slightly out of alignment but she opted not to do so. The orthodontist told her it was entirely up to her (and her parents) and that it would make her teeth perfectly perfect. But, Chloe is happy with her smile (honestly, it's totally not noticeable unless you are a dentist) and doesn't want to do it. Truth be told, Chloe loves it that her friends are getting braces now and she has already BTDT in 2nd grade and her teeth are beautiful. A friend of hers that rides the school bus with her asked her how she was so lucky to have perfect teeth and not need braces. Chloe told her she already had braces because she got all her teeth in so young. Chloe said the entire bus freaked out and told her she was the luckiest kid in the world. Do you really think she's going to choose to have braces put back on after that? Not a chance.
First time Emma Claire went to the dentist, she didn't like it and cried. This time she was a star patient...with the exception of two cavities in her brand new two year molars. Chloe had the same issue, baby teeth that come in with cavities. We return in two weeks for fillings since she will have those teeth for another 10 years. Cha-Ching.

And this little man has never had a cavity. I tell him he should be a dentist when he grows up. He could be only one of a handful of kids that jumps up and down when you tell him you are taking him to the dentist. He loves it. And he loves flossing his teeth too. Of course, he tells me, "I don't want to be a dentist and put my hands in people's mouths! Gross!". Maybe when he gets older he will decide to go to dental school. He could do quite well just having his two sisters as his only patients. Seriously.

No cavities, free from orthodontics but she needs to brush better in order to keep the teeth we paid so handsomely for her to have.

Our dentist had this sign in her office--

I ordered it and will be hanging it in Chloe's bathroom just as soon as I get a frame for it.

Every patient gets a prize. All three chose the mustaches---

Oliver and Chloe were disappointed the got the grey mustache but they didn't snatch Emma Claire's dark mustache as much as they wanted to.

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