Friday, April 03, 2015
I had promised the kids a while back that we might go to an indoor water park or hotel with a pool during spring break. This was before we decided that both Oliver and Chloe would go to Florida for Chloe's kart race the week before spring break so I didn't really give it a second thought. But, never forgetting, when Chloe and Oliver arrived back from Florida on the Monday of Spring Break week, they started asking where we were going to go that had a pool.
Truthfully, I didn't get to go to Florida. I've been stuck in the snow and cold all winter. A warm pool sounded delightful. Matt recommended a resort very close by, just across the NY border in NJ and I booked a room for one night. They have several indoor pools in the large resort complex. They tout themselves as a golf and spa retreat but it was more like kid haven. I think many in the NY/NJ had a spring break staycation in mind also.
Shortly after check-in we hit the pool which was crowded. It was a sunny 66 degree day when we arrived and while that was a nice break from the colder than average temperatures we've been having (not to mention the snow we got the day before), I couldn't figure out why everyone was in the swim-out outdoor pool and no one seemed to be swimming in the indoor pool. Until I got in the indoor pool. The outdoor pool is heated to bathwater temperature, the indoor pool is not.

Oliver splashing in the indoor pool and Chloe making her way out of the chilly pool. They didn't spend too much time in this pool.

Playing ping pong.

Emma Claire by the pool fish tank.
 The kids and I went to dinner in the hotel later that evening. Chicken wings, of course.

We finished off the evening with a visit to the arcade room.

Played some air hockey.
 And a game of pool.

I believe Chloe, the pool shark, is saying, "Mom, can you please play instead of Oliver!". But, he almost beat her (if you don't count him getting the 8-ball in on the second shot of the game).
 The next morning Matt came to breakfast and spent the rest of the day swimming with us.
Matt is in the indoor pool partaking in making fun of  the aquasize class that was going on.
 The kids had fun, it was close to home and I am sure we will be back next school break when we are tired of the snow and need a break from the cold.

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