Back on Track

Saturday, April 04, 2015
While Chloe has already competed in two kart races in Florida this year, April marks the official start of the karting season in the northeast. The track is now clear of snow and open so it meant a day of testing two of Chloe's new karts---her full-size Mini MAX and her Mini Rok. Mini MAX is a step-up from what she currently races (Micro MAX) and Mini Rok is a different engine and series entirely.
Coming off the track after her very first laps in her Mini MAX. It's a full-size chassis and Matt still had to add 70 lbs. of weight for her to meet the weight requirements.
 And Oliver hit the track too. The plan is for him to race Kid Kart this year, but perhaps the last half of the season after he's had more seat time.
Oliver on track.

Chloe in her Mini MAX.

Emma Claire and I spent most of the time in the Bronco because it was windy and cold!

Chloe getting ready to test her new Mini Rok.
The official race season kicks off next weekend.

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