Happy Easter!

Monday, April 06, 2015
Oliver and Chloe dyed Easter eggs this year. I cheated and purchased the "fake" eggs that look real but are just for dyeing. Turns out they don't dye so well, but I find it a waste to boil eggs just so kids can color them and I never use them in recipes because it grosses me out to use eggs kids dipped in dye and vinegar and then sat out in the yard on an egg hunt, especially with the herds of deer we have come through our front yard. So cheater eggs it was---

The big hit of the egg dyeing was the egg color spinner. Kids loved it. I also highly doubt a real boiled egg could have survived the force that these two spun the color on to the eggs.

The glitter eggs was a hit as well. Glitter everywhere.
Some of the finished products.

 And some mess....someone who shall remain nameless but rarely sits still spilled the pink dye as well as dropping the green dye all over my white dining chair and splattering it on the floor and walls. Luckily the magic scrubber and bleach saved the day.

Sunday morning was the egg hunt.

Emma Claire stayed out of the sibling rivalry her older siblings got in to.
 After the hunt was our Easter tradition of cascarones. The kids love these things and I am thankful I have my parents in Texas and Amazon to keep us in supply every Easter (shhhh....I actually bought and had lots more shipped than the kids realized but they get a little out of hand with these things so I limited the number they got to smash on everyone's head).

Emma Claire was trying to peel the cascarone to get to the confetti all the while her big sister and big brother were smashing them on her head. Confetti everywhere!

 Then the kids got to open their eggs. As you can see, not everything inside the eggs was a hit.
"I don't like Jaw Breakers."
 Happy Easter!!

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