Memorial Day Weekend--Eaten Alive

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Just a few weeks ago we decided to go camping on Memorial Day. It was hard to find a campsite that had availability and maybe that should have been our first clue that we should have just gone out on the boat instead.

I did manage to find a campsite and it wasn't too far away from Sara*toga Springs, NY, a very nice town with lots to see and do. It was also near a lake that Matt and I had wanted to check out. We had found out that there was a private, RV resort on the lake and we had put ourselves on the wait list for next year. We thought this was a good idea since we could leave the RV at the resort and bring the boat up on weekends.

At first everything seemed to be going well. We pulled into the RV campground in early evening and were surprised at how nice the campground seemed to be. We were given our campsite location and a map. We weren't too far from the main entrance to the campground so it was easy to find, we were told. Seems whoever drew the map of the campground put our assigned campground at the wrong end of the map. We had to get out of the car and walk up the driveway to search for the site. Fifteen minutes later we found it. It was uneven and too small for our 30 ft. RV. Matt went to the office to speak to someone. It was at this time that I took note of the insects flying around. At first I thought they were gnats, but I quickly realized they were mosquitos. Chloe, wanting to know what the problem was, opened the car door, letting in 100s of mosquitos, and the screaming began. There was no escape. I unlocked the RV, grabbed a bottle of bug spray and hosed everyone down, including the dogs and the inside of the car.

In the meantime, Matt had spoken to the campground manager and got us a new assignment. Unfortunately, someone was camped there and they were moving to a site. We had to wait for them to pack up and move. It took them over an hour to pack and move campsites as a fuse blew in their RV. It seemed to take an eternity. We finally rolled into our campsite about two and a half hours after we arrived.

The next morning we arose to discover Chloe was covered in mosquito bites and her left eye was swollen. Matt's legs were covered in bites. Oliver and I seemed to fair better.

Chloe has terrible reactions to mosquito bites. You can see her swollen left eye after a bite just below.
We didn't accomplish much Saturday, we let Chloe ride her bike and we scratched our bites. We were miserable but determined to stick it out and enjoy our family time together. But, by Sunday morning enough was enough. We woke to more bites despite our spraying and campfire to ward off the pests. We packed up and went home to the local pool and made lemonade from the lemon of a weekend. cream at the pool (and no bugs)!
Riding her bike at the campgrounds...getting eaten alive!

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