Why Spit?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Olie has gotten lots of compliments on the new 'do. Everyone tells us it makes him look like a big boy *sniff*.

He may look like a big boy, but lately Oliver is "full of beans". We had to leave Gym*bo*ree early today because he kept hurling balls at everyone (without their consent) and attempting to do a running leap off of the slide, head first. He was wired for sound and after some unsuccessful attempt to temper his "enthusiasm" I had to just head home.

Besides the general wild-man episodes we often see, Oliver is developing new behaviors. Like spitting. I cannot figure out where he learned this behavior. I certainly don't spit and neither does Matt and I don't recall Chloe spitting. Oliver will be playing happily when suddenly he stops and spits! Yuck! He doesn't have anything in his mouth. I can't figure it out. My only recollection is that he ate a heaping helping of dirt from the garden recently and didn't like it too much and spat it out. Since then, he spits!

Oliver's other new behavior is to question everything. "WHY?" he often asks.

I managed to capture these two new behaviors on video while I was attempting to record Oliver counting, another new behavior. Oliver doesn't perform on cue and chose to show off his spitting (he does actually spit something out in this video and YES, I know I shouldn't have laughed) and questioning authority skills. Oh, and that's yogurt all over his face.

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