First Day of Second Grade

Tuesday, September 06, 2011
It was a wet and cool first day of school. Chloe's elementary has MAJOR parking issues and it is located on a busy thoroughfare which made for some first day drop-off nightmares. It's always nice to arrive for the first day of school with horns honking and people yelling at others to "MOVE!" from out their car windows.

Since the rain was coming down, we drove and had to park on a side street. I made the wrong shoe choice--sandals--and my feet were slipping and sliding as I pushed Oliver in the stroller, who was soaking wet because he didn't want the umbrella over him.

We made it to the classroom after having a photo made with the school mascot and wandering aimlessly through the halls searching for Chloe's classroom. Side note: Strike one for Chloe's teacher---no name on her door. I hear great things about her but she teaches elementary school----put your name outside your door so the kids and parents can find your classroom. She didn't make a great first impression for me.

Chloe also had "try-outs" for a local diving team. Chloe loves diving after her lessons this summer so we found a local diving team. I believe Chloe is the youngest on the team. She was the youngest last night by five years. I think she was a little intimidated that the older kids were doing flips and pikes into the water but she did well and listened to the coach. I told her that if she sticks with diving that she will be able to do the same dives as the older kids.

Chloe, preparing to dive as the coach looks on.

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