It's Official, I'm a Swim Mom

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chloe will be spending about 4.5 hours per week in the pool. She was accepted on a local dive team and practices once a week for 90 minutes with that group. She's the only elementary school student in her group. The others are in middle school. I was worried that she was intimidated by the older girls, who patted her on the head and kept telling her she's cute. After dive practice last night I told Chloe she shouldn't be intimidated. Her response, "I'm not! I'm just as good as they are and when I am their age, I'll be doing hard dives and not in a beginner group like they are!". Geez. I guess she told me.

Chloe also made our local YMCA swim team and will be swimming with them three nights a week for an hour each night. The tryouts were a little nerve wracking (well, they were for me anyway). About 70 kids competed for the few spots open in the age 8 and under group. Chloe was selected. We are so proud of her!

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