Saturday, September 10, 2011
One of the best things about Back to School is that I have some time to purge the clutter that seems to accumulate in our house. I took the opportunity on a rainy day to go through the kids toys that seem to be taking over the house and purge the unwanteds.

Of course, this could never be done under the watchful eye of two children. I would hear protests that they love the Light Brite that is missing every peg or the remote control car that is covered in dust & is missing every tire. No, I took this morning to sort through the piles of toys and games that are no longer loved and are no longer played with. They simply sit, discarded and gathering dust. After a quick call to the local charity, they will find new homes.

Sad thing is, Chloe & Oliver probably won't miss one of the toys I donated. They won't even know its gone, with the exception of this toy.

Not because they play it, but because it makes noise--CONSTANTLY. It has NO OFF SWITCH!! Who makes a game where the batteries are encased behind screws and doesn't make an off switch? The slightest movement sets this thing off into a quacking furry. Oh, how excited I was to place you in the box and donate you! Of course, you were quacking when I handed you over. Fare the well, you won't be missed.

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