Perhaps We Were Over-Zealous

Thursday, September 08, 2011
...but we didn't complete all that was on our "Summer To Do List" before school started. It isn't because we had a bad summer, but because this summer was so chalked full of fun activities. It was one of the best summers!

A Recap of Summer Activities:

JUNE: school gets out  & diving lesson & swim team begins; Chloe gets her tongue-thrust device; Chinese Dance recital in NYC.

JULY: First swim meet; Camping for 4th of July; annual summer BBQ; Oliver becomes a U.S. Citizen; Shannon's 20th high school reunion in Dallas; visit BeBe & PaPaw; boating

AUGUST: Grandad & Marie visit; Finger Lakes; boating; Lake Sunapee vacation; Hurricane Irene; Land of Make Believe; Back to School shopping

But, of course, there was A LOT more than that....

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