2nd Round of Club Racing

Sunday, April 15, 2012
We left Texas a day early so we could make it back for the club go-kart races on Sunday. PaPaw was able to attend with us and see Chloe compete.

Chloe's times are really improving and she had a best lap time of 58 seconds. She's having fun and improving and we are proud of her.

Oliver enjoying race day in the RV. We moved the RV to the racetrack, where it will now stay. Its nice to be able to sit in the RV, chill out and let Oliver nap instead of sitting in the bleachers all day (or the car).

Chloe's kart (on the stand) in the paddock.

Oliver ready to race. He managed to find the toy car with the same race number as his sister.

Matt, Chloe's mechanic, preparing the kart.

On the track.

PaPaw and Oliver talking to some "fans" while Chloe raced kid karts.

There were only two karts in Chloe's class this week. The number of kids racing in the kid kart level is supposed to increase once school gets out in June.
Chloe getting her 2nd place trophy at the awards ceremony.

Tim gave Oliver and honorary 3rd place trophy and a place on the podium--I think he's expecting some big things from Ollie in the next few years.

The OVRP Kid Kart top 3.

After the awards ceremonies were over--I think Oliver felt he deserved 1st place.

Chloe wanted some more lap time after the day was over. She went back on track with her Dad looking on. That's one proud papa.

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