The Road Trip

Monday, April 09, 2012
We set out Thursday after school for Dallas. Its quarter-end and Matt wouldn't be joining us, so my Dad flew in and took the drive with us. Our journey wold be over 1500 miles and would take us three full days. We would drive through the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas and finally, Texas.

Overall, the kids did well. Oliver wasn't feeling well on Thursday and threw up in the car before we were even out of town. We drove 5 hours the first day and stayed overnight in Winchester, Virginia.

Oliver getting ready for bed at the hotel in Winchester, VA with some books, his pillow and an iPad (thank heavens for the iPad on a long car trip).

Chloe and Oliver ready to go to sleep.

The next day was a longer day and we drove to Nashville, where we stayed overnight at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. This turned out to be the highlight of the drive. There was a large event at the hotel and they were booked. I had requested a double room and they had given our reservation away. All they had left was single beds. The manager apologized and upgraded us to the Porter Wagoner Presidential Suite...the nicest room in the hotel. It would do.

Chloe riding her bicycle at a rest stop in Tennessee.

Burning off some energy at the rest stop.

The Wurlitzer juke box in our room at the Opryland Hotel.
The kitchen.

The living room.

The bedroom.

Having breakfast at the 8-person dining room table.

Oliver and Chloe in the gardens at the Opryland Hotel.

On Saturday, we drove from Nashville to southern Arkansas where we stopped to see my Aunts, Uncle and cousins. I hadn't seen my family in Arkansas in many years and it was good to see everyone and have them meet Chloe and Oliver. Our visit was too short since we had to hit the road and head to Dallas.

The GPS/Navigation on the way to my family, where my father grew up. The navigation knew where we were, it just didn't have it mapped.

Playing with cousins.

The bicycle, again.

Playing chase.

Even Oliver got in on the action. It still didn't wear him out enough to fall asleep for the three hour drive to Dallas.

More play.

We made it Dallas late in the evening and the kids got to see BeBe. In the end we drove over 25 hours and 1630 miles to our final destination.

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