The Garden

Friday, April 20, 2012
While my Dad was here, I took advantage of this "green thumb" to plant the garden. Its been unseasonably warm so I decided to plant the garden well ahead of the mid-May end of frost date. If we do get below freezing one night, I can easily tarp the garden to protect the plants.

Dad tilled the soil and we added humus and cow manure. We then planted three tomato plants, a banana pepper, basil and onions. Dad also planted some radish seeds (yum!). I also added some sunflower seeds at the end of the garden to make it especially pretty.

It was  nearly 90 degrees on Monday so I felt inspired to plant some flowers. The pots that look barren are planted with bulbs or seeds. I purchased some seeds at the Dallas Arboreteum and thought I would give growing flowers from scratch a shot.

My hanging basket. Love lobelia!!

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