Spring in Dallas

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I am not going to lie. I love Dallas. I grew up here and much to my husband's dismay, I would move back here. It's the weather (especially spring when it hits the 80s in April), the affordable housing and the space that I like so much. Even after growing up in Dallas, I will never get used to the "newness" of everything and the constant expansion of suburbia. I disapprove of the Big D mentality of "don't fix it, just move on and build new"! I got a kick out of looking through the local magazine on my parent's city and their feature story on "historic houses". Many of the houses featured are as old as the average-aged home in our town in NJ and our house is only 15 years newer than the one's featured.

But, lets get back to what I like best about Dallas, the parks and the space. Spring is the best time to visit because most people spend the summer indoors when the temps reach the 100s and parks turn brown.
Bug hunting in the park.

Finding a snail on the walking trail after the rain.

The snail. We left him alone and let him make his way.

Oliver checking out a butterfly we caught.

The pond/fountain at the local park. Oliver was fascinated.

Going to the playground.

Another favorite spot is The Dallas Arboreteum. Matt and I were married there. We visit every spring when we come to Dallas.
The kids playing in Pioneer Village, which was built to show children what life was like in early Texas.

Checking out the general store.

Oliver was attempting to make friends with the duck at the fern grotto. He declared, "I want to scare him" after we kept telling him to stop chasing the duck and that he WAS scaring him.

The kids at the location where Matt and I said "I do".

Chloe and I at the garden where Matt and I were married.

The temperature reached 87 degrees and my northern NJ kids aren't used to the heat just yet. Oliver came home, grabbed his pillow from the bedroom and took an almost three hour siesta in the living room chair.

Dallas is also a family-friendly town. There is lots to do with kids. After the temps hit the high 80s, Chloe was begging for me to take her to a splash park.
Oliver waiting for his lunch before we go splash in the water.

Chloe and Oliver having lots of fun.

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scooping it up said...

we lived near Dallas for two years and I cannot believe I never made it to the arboretum. a shame!