Loon Lake

Sunday, April 22, 2012
We spent the weekend with our friends, Bryan & Sue, at Loon Lake in the Adirondacks of NY. The weather didn't want to cooperate, but we still had a fantastic time. Family time at a lake just relaxing with friends is great.

Oliver made Saturday a "pantsless day" refusing to wear pants for much of the day until we insisted he couldn't go down to the lake without them.

Finally, Oliver wears pants and assists Bryan by "carrying" the oar to the kayak.

This is oh so Oliver.

Waving from the shore to Daddy & Chloe on Loon Lake in the kayak.

Chloe takes a feel of the water...it was cold.

Oliver's turn. He sat very still and enjoyed his kayak ride with Daddy.

Everybody out on the lake now.

Matt, Chloe & Oliver in the kayak.

Oliver skipping stones in the lake with his godfather, Bryan.

Oliver could skip stones for hours.

Chloe & Bryan finding good sticks for a outdoor fire.
The rain and cold crept in Saturday afternoon and we spent the rest of the weekend indoors.

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