A Day at the Races

Tuesday, May 08, 2012
This weekend we went to Warrenton, VA for the Virginia Gold Cup. Its always held on the same day as the Kentucky Derby. The weekend was all planned out and we were attending as guests of Oliver's godfather, Tom. Tom's company hosts many people for the weekend and has a tent by the track, complete with food and drink.

The rain held off until after the races on Saturday which made for a fantastic weekend. The only downfall of the weekend was the traffic around D.C. Terrible. Worst traffic I have ever seen. Every road clogged.

We stayed the weekend at a B&B/Inn complete with its own horse stables. It proved to be a great place to take some nice photos of the kids.  The countryside is lovely, so pleasant.

I wrote in some detail about choosing our outfits. Of course, Oliver was a hit and everyone knew him by the time the weekend was over. However, it wasn't always for the best reasons he was known. He doesn't do well in crowds of people, especially when he has to miss a nap. Chloe instantly made a friend as soon as we arrived at the weekend's first activity, a birthday party on Friday night. The weekend for Chloe was one play date with her new pal Taylor. Bright pink seemed to be the chosen color and Tom's wife and I were dressed almost identically, same color & cut of dress and even hats from the same hat maker with the same flowers. Too funny.

Lots of photos were taken and professional photographers were present too. I am sharing the photos I took, hopefully I can get the other photos taken during the weekend and will share those later.

Chloe in front of the Inn.

Chloe & Oliver (with horse in the background) at the stables at the inn.

Chloe doing her fashion pose. She kept doing this!

Matt, Chloe & Oliver in front of the stables.

Matt & Oliver decked out in VV--I am sending this one in for the catalog.

The horse in the stables at the inn. He was very curious.

Oliver modeling for VV.

Chloe added the tie to her VV outfit.
We were driven in style all weekend.

The kids in the limo on the way to the races.

A photo looking across the track from where we parked.

There were several races with different classes. The big race was the gold cup.

Chloe and her new pal hanging out in the tent.

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