The Power of Peer Pressure

Thursday, May 17, 2012
It's monkey see, monkey do around here. I had to document Oliver eating seaweed. He apparently loves it as much as his sister, which is shocking since this is a kid who FREAKS out if a vegetable lands on his plate. We ordered a supreme pizza this weekend and he had a meltdown because there were "disgusting" things on his pizza (better known to non-picky eaters as onions, bell peppers and tomatoes).

I am more than aware that his pickiness is just an attempt to exert his own will over his food choices. This is the kid who scarfed down pureed ratatouille as a baby--his favorite, so I know he has a palate for vegetables. And now, I am documenting it with some photos of the little guy and his seaweed.

The kids love this stuff, I don't. How anyone can snub their nose at broccoli, brussel sprouts, green beans and the like and then shove this in their mouth is a mystery to me.

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