The Week in Review

Saturday, May 19, 2012
We celebrated Mother's Day at the track last Sunday. Chloe had a kart race on Saturday, we stayed overnight and went for breakfast in the morning and returned to the track for some more karting. It was good family time eventhough it wasn't my first choice for a Mother's Day location.

Matt is away this weekend driving with the club at Mid-Ohio and it's just me and the kids. The weather has been fantastic, great for cruising around in a convertible. Oliver and I ran some errands Friday and stopped for a slurpee, which he enjoyed, especially the spoon straw.

Chloe has another club kart race this weekend and I will taking her to the track by myself. Luckily, we've enlisted the help from some people to assist in getting the kart running and putting Chloe on the track. While I am there to see Chloe race, I am usually preoccupied by a two-year old who has to remain out of the paddock, so I am not completely aware of all the ins and outs of karting. Thankfully, the track owners, workers and other parents are super-nice and offered to help. This could go super-smooth or could be a collosal cluster with me as the crew chief this weekend. We shall see....

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