Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Memorial Day started early for us this weekend. Matt had to have a medical test done in the city and took the day off Friday. The test was over by 10:30 a.m. and he was back home by the time Oliver was out of pre-school.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were overcast days and much of Friday and Saturday were rainy. You would decide to do something outside and then a brief downpour would come. We hung around the house and ran a few errands on those days. Monday proved to be the best, if not warmest, day of the weekend which was great because that was the day we had scheduled to pick up Matt's go-kart, a DD2. It was also the day Chloe was going to get to test out a Micromax kart,  which is another class up in kart racing from the one she currently competes in.

We spent the entire day at the track Monday. Oliver and I hung out in the RV with the dogs most of the time, we would venture out to play or watch Matt & Chloe on the track.
Oliver sitting in the bleachers with his sister's iPad (his wasn't good enough) watching a movie.

Matt had lots of fun in his kart and Chloe loved testing out the Micromax. It goes considerably faster than her kid kart and she didn't want to drive her kart after she drove the Micro. The track owner told us that Chloe did the best moving from a kid kart to a Micro of any kid he's ever seen.
Chloe, with Matt in the background. We had to use a noodle (the orange thing behind Chloe), three pads and pedal extenders to push her up a bit in the Micro so she could easily reach the pedals.

Taking on her Dad.

Matt tests out his new kart, an Arrow DD2.

Chloe loved driving the Micro.

Racer Chloe.

Oliver gives Daddy a hug and tells him "good job!".

I don't know if she's going racing or if she's looking for a fight? Matt and I cracked up at this photo.

We also had some off-track excitement. There has been a little safety pin sitting on the counter of the kitchen in the RV. I assumed it was for racing, Matt didn't know it was there. Long story short, thanks to Oliver we discovered it was the safety pin to the fire extinguisher in the RV. Its the type of fire extinguisher that sprays a fine mist of choking powder...on everything. Oliver only "bumped" into the extinguisher setting it off, but we had to evacuate for several minutes to let the dust settle and then I got to spend some time wiping down the back half of the RV. Now that we know what that little pin was, it's firmly put back in its place to prevent another accidental spraying.

We also decided on a team name and I designed a logo. After much debate on a name, we chose semi-charmed, its also the name of our boat. The colors are a combo of Matt's racing colors (orange and blue) and Chloe's racing colors (bright pink, black and neon green). I also set up our own channel on YouTube called Semi-Charmed Racing for our racing videos. Yea, we're that into karting.

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