At the Track

Sunday, September 09, 2012
It was another race weekend. Chloe and Matt spent Saturday at the track and got soaked for their efforts. Sunday, race day, was beautiful. Chloe raced in kid kart and micro. 
Chloe in this red race suit which she borrowed because her usual pink suit was soaked.

Chloe on the track during Micro qualifying.

Qualifying for kid kart.

Chloe leading the kid kart race.

Walking around OVRP during some down time.

Chloe's cheer squad lined up to see her take the checkered flag in the kid kart race.

Matt pushing Chloe off the track after her Micro race.

Oliver playing.

Matt giving Chloe congrats after her kid kart race win.

The kid kart podium finish.
In other exciting race news, Chloe is being featured, filmed, photographed and interviewed this week by the WKA, the governing body of karting as a feature kid karter for a promotional they are doing.

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