The Photo Shoot

Saturday, September 15, 2012
Tuesday of this week we received a phone call and were asked if Chloe could represent Kid Kart in a photo shoot for a national program/campaign being launched by the World Karting Association (WKA). Chloe would have to miss school on Friday for the all-day event. After some discussion, we decided to allow Chloe to participate.

We knew little to nothing about what it all entailed. All I knew was that I should have Chloe at the track at 10 a.m.

Two officials from the WKA were at the track and we were all introduced. There were only two kids for the shoot, Chloe and another boy whom we had never met. The shoot was for a national campaign the WKA hoped to launch about standardizing the practices for introducing kids to karting and how to go about teaching them the basics of karting. Chloe was to be the featured pupil for kid kart and Micro/Cadet.

Over 200 photos and some video were taken of Chloe and she had her personalized stickers placed on her kid kart so she could be "featured" a little more prominently. The WKA officials asked Chloe some questions and watched her drive both her kid kart and her Micro. They really liked her bright pink suit and color-coordinated stickers. They also commented to me that she knew the rules of karting and she seem to be a natural at making sure her fellow track-mates followed the same rules (I think they were politely telling me she was a little bossy after she animatedly pointed her brother to the side out of the path of oncoming kart traffic and double-checked to see if the other boy in the photo shoot was in the correct spot).

Chloe seemed to enjoy the whole experience and I am sure she will tell her class all about it when she returns to school. The WKA is supposed to mail us the photos from the shoot. I am curious to see all the photos they took.

Chloe demonstrating a basic technique taught to a first-time karter...stopping.

Taking photos of Chloe driving kid kart.

"A Teaching Moment"--Chloe and the track owner/chief instructor being photographed doing stopping drills.

Chloe's kid kart with her new personalized bling.

Chloe picked the colors, neon green, neon pink and yellow and wanted both the U.S. and Chinese flag with her name.

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