First Day of Third Grade

Thursday, September 06, 2012

We spent all Wednesday at the track in the Catskills and got back MUCH later than anticipated. Probably not the best start to the school year, but it was a nice summer send-off.

Because we were out past the school-night bedtime and Chloe fell asleep in the car, she took a shower when I woke her up she woke up so her hair is wet.

I asked Chloe the "questions" this morning so I could include them with the memories of starting third grade. I have to say, I love the academic focus on her 3rd grade goals for the year. I expected, finish reading the Harry Potterseries or ace the ASK test but I got "style my hair". And so it begins....

We got out the door with little incident and made it to school!! Oliver was distressed that Chloe was going to school and attempted to take it out on his sister.

Today is only half a day of school, which makes Chloe very excited (not starting school, but that it is only 4 hours today). Friday begins the real deal!!

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