Farewell Summer

Saturday, September 01, 2012
Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end to summer. *SOB* I like fall, but I don't like the knowledge that winter, snow and cold are just on the horizon. We do have lots to look forward to-- a new school year, Chloe "crowned" kid kart champion, Chloe cheering at pee-wee football, Oliver beginning sports camp, the Formula1 Grand Prix in Austin, a winter escape to Barbados, and a 40th birthday celebration with my college pals in the spring. While those are all exciting things to look forward to, I still get a little sad when I know the long days of summer and sunshine won't be seen again for 8 months. 8 months! 8 long months of COLD!

Chloe begins 3rd grade on Thursday and we are back to the scheduled after-school activities. I have been working on the schedule and trying to figure out who goes where and when. I have also been  trying my best to institute school-year bedtime hours, but it has been met with much resistance.

Matt is at a P*Orsche club event this weekend in south Jersey and the kids and I are doing our best to celebrate what remains of summer while trying to get back to the school schedule.

I took the kids to the pool yesterday in what will probably be our last visit until next summer. It was super-crowded and Chloe & Oliver stayed in the children's pool most of the time.

The kids had a good time, until Oliver, in an effort to continually pester his sister,  rolled a car over Chloe's foot and two temper tantrums stopped the fun. With all that will be missed with summer, I do have to admit that I won't miss the public pool so much. The kids will, I won't. The public pool makes me wish I had my own pool in my backyard--but that's just me.

And, after we returned from the pool, I got another one-two punch that summer is drawing to a close, the contract to store our boat for the winter arrived in the mail. I was desperately scanning our September schedule to see when we can go back out on the boat. I don't know that it will happen. Putting the boat in storage is definitely the reminder that summer is over.

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