Summer's Last Weekend

Tuesday, September 04, 2012
Since Matt was in south Jersey racing and this was the last weekend of summer before school started, I tried to pack some fun things for the kids and I to do.

Friday, we went to the pool. It would be our last outdoor pool visit for the summer.

Saturday, we attempted to welcome in fall by picking apples in the Warwick Valley of NY. I thought it would be fun, but it turned out that the kids weren't as thrilled as I was by picking apples. Chloe complained that her friends weren't with us like last year. It was hot. There were bugs. Oliver was annoying. Could we go and ride the ponies?


A "yucky" Prime Red apple ready for picking.
Oliver complained that "apples are yucky!" as he drank apple juice. It was hot. There were bees and fallen apples underfoot. Then, he decided he wanted to "water" the apple trees. He also "watered" his pants and shoes. He then set out to annoy his big sister.


I ended up picking $50 in apples. It was a lovely day and the scenery was beautiful. Apparently, I was the only one who thought so. I was the only one having least for the first 5 minutes until both kids starting complaining & fighting and I loaded them both in the car and drove right back home.
A brief moment of cooperation.
Oliver getting silly. This was also taken before he chucked these two apples somewhere in the orchard.
Picking (& complaining).

Apple-picking was a failure.

Sunday, I decided would be fun---we were going to drive to south Jersey to see Matt race and tow the tire trailer back for him. But, on the way we would do a fun activity. I would let the kids choose something they wanted to do. Chloe wanted to go to a waterpark on the Jersey shore. I convinced her that a waterpark was a two parent adventure. I had to be stationed with Oliver in the kiddie pool section and wouldn't be able to take her on the waterslides. In the end, she conceded and we decided to visit Storybook Land, which was on the way to the racetrack.

When we first arrived, Chloe started with the, "Don't you think I am a little too old for this place now?" I ignore the statement, pretending not to hear her.

First, I love this little kiddie amusement park. It's circa 1955 and is spotless and well taken care of. Its charming and its never crowded. Once inside, I knew the kids were going to have fun. And it was fun. The kids were adrenaline junkies, loving every ride and demanding to "go again!". By far their favorite was Bubbles, the dragon rollercoaster. The kept returning and demanding more. They also loved the Beanstalk Bounce and the splash park.

They had a blast.
Upon arrival....
Our first ride on the roller coaster. I am sitting behind the kids. They then decided I didn't need to ride with them, which was good because I am bruised from being slung all over since I the only one in my carriage.

Riding in the back.

Having fun.


The splash park.

On Monday, we went to the go-kart track so Chloe could practice driving her Micro. We spent the entire day at the track and Oliver even got in on the action helping change tires and playing with a group of kids who were also driving at the track.

We have two more days until the start of school and both days are going to be rainy. In between prepping for the start of school and trying to tackle the laundry, we hope to throw in some last minute fun.

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