Rumors of a Cut-Off!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
We woke up this morning to see some rumors of the cut-off...October 17! That means with a October 16 LID that WE ARE IN!!!!!

We are waiting for official word from our agency later today.

Last night at dinner we had a guess as to the date of referral, age at referral, birth date and for a bonus if Emma Claire would be from Guangdong province, like Chloe. As you can see, Oliver didn't feel like participating much. Matt did guess (and I didn't write it down) that Emma Claire would be from Sichuan Province. We shall see if he is right. And, you can see that Matt and I were on the same wave length and didn't know the other guessed June 18 for her birthday. So far, it looks like we were all wrong on the date of referral.

I also made a video of the kids talking about "baby sister". This is a candid look at life with a 8 year old and a 3 year old. More so life with Oliver and how he plays the role of "super pest" to big sister Chloe. The kids are excited and hopefully once we get the photo of Emma Claire, Oliver can begin to understand that she is a baby and may not be playing cars, soccer and football anytime soon!


Sherri said...

Hello, rumor queen has been so wonderful over the years. I used her blog for over 5 yrs during our wait. I really thought a five yr wait was the longest ever, but you have waited a lot longer and kudos to you. Being I found your blog on rq I wanted to stop by and say congrats. When we got our referral our Emma Grace was 10 months old and 12 months at gotcha day. Our paperwork was current as well. If by chance yours is up to date I will guess 9 months. I will stop by as I love referrals.

Anonymous said...

I hate to admit it, but this post actually made me cry! As you get ready to add to your family it is incredible how Oliver is getting to be such a big boy (his vocabulary is extraordinary) and Chloe has developed into quite the big sis (a role I have played). I can't wait to meet Emma Claire!